Is It Possible To Go To The North Pole?

Seasoned adventurers that have seen all that the mundane world has to see have one place left on earth to explore— the North Pole. Many people are shocked to learn that it is indeed possible to plan a trip to the North Pole, but you do need a sense of adventure and a hefty wallet. Many have said it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to tread where few others have gone, and it is a trip well worth considering.

As one one of the most remote places in the world, getting to the North Pole can be tricky. Usually, ships are the most common mode of transportation. These ships are specifically designed to cut through ice in the Arctic Ocean and reach the Barneo Ice Camp. This so-called camp is run by Russian engineers that return each spring. The camp contains a landing strip for aircraft, and tourists that wish to see the North Pole can make it there by helicopter.

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